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Physiotherapy is the major form of treatment provided at Eastgate Physiotherapy and Rehab centre. Our physiotherapists are highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals. They have furthered their educational experience with various post-university courses / exams offered within the profession. The Physiotherapist's goal is to direct and provide rehabilitation services and restore physical and/or neurological function where appropriate. Your sessions at Eastgate Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre may include:

Comprehensive assessment

Manual therapy




IMS( Intra Muscular Stimulations)

Therapeutic exercise

Client education

Active Rehabilitation Program

Customized home exercise program

Of the treatment options listed, your Physiotherapist will determine which ones are appropriate for your injuries when considering your injuries, stages of healing, and your goals for rehabilitation for you to return to an active lifestyle.

Goal of physiotherapy is to restore normal, optimal movement and function as soon as possible.

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